About Us

Mochi Donuts with Love

We Bake with Passion.

We are Mochidonuts Tampa – A small “magic” donut shop based in Tampa – a hustle and bustle city that will attract you by the sweet aroma crept through our door’s slits.


You will unconsciously walk through our door into the magic world of freshly made donuts.


We will cast our spell on you with our famous mochi donuts.


Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to everyone who walks into our place.


What is the magic behind our mochi donut?
It’s the contrast between the crunchiness of the outside crust and the iconic chewiness of mochi on the inside obtained from the most exceptional ingredients.

Why mochi donut but not just donut or mochi?
Mochi donut is a sweet combination between East and West, modern and traditional, a unique creation based on the value of tradition.

With a mochi donut, one will never be enough. 


After choosing your first, you’ll be tempted to come back to try the rest; like being caught up in a game, you aspire to conquer all the challenges. 


With our wide variety collection, you will be pleased and happy.


Visit our place to experience yourself!